⛅ Weather Widget - Weatherunderground.com

by Pete Glass

Version 4 (August 31, 2017)

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Global version. Intended to be used as a widget. Flow displays dialogs with the current weather conditions and the upcoming forecast when the flow is run. Obtains weather data from weatherunderground.com so the flow should work globally but it may not work in all areas. Custom icons for automate widgets are available at www.iconspedia.com assuming you are using an automate flow beginnings shortcut style widget and have a custom android launcher like GoLauncher or an app like Icon Changer from the app store that allows you to change shortcut icons.

Note: the api the flow depends on is limited to 500 hits per day. If needed, you can sign up for your own free api account at the link below then enter your assigned api key in the url of the two http request objects in the flow design (make sure there are no spaces around the api key).


USA version with no daily api use limit available via the link below.

* * * Created by Pete Glass * * *

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