Network type switch (no root)

by Anonimus Legionus

Version 3 (July 9, 2016)

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Switching Wi-Fi network depending on location.

This is "no root" version with no mobile net switching. This may or may not improve/reduce usability/battery drain/apocalyptic date shift, use at Your own risk 😸

Ok, this is complicated to configure, so read below carefully.
1) in block #20 create array of dictionaries: [{"key":val, "key":val}, {…}]
Each dictionary needs exact 4 keys:
a) loc - name of label to go, if location matches; "text".
b) lat - latitude of desired location; number with fraction.
c) lon - longitude of desired location; number with fraction.
You can get lat and lon from "location at?" block.
d) rad - radius of point of interest; number.

2) for each "loc" key create labels (names mast match values of "loc" keys) and default label, named "travel".
Do You jobs here and end thread (it is forked).

2a) increase/decrease delay at #14 by Your will.

3) include all new labels in "labels" section of block #31

4) ???????


PS: Labels only for "case" operator implementation, please don't complain (: