Lockscreen++ (root)

by Evan Chan

Version 3 (October 9, 2016)

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No new features in this update, just an announcement: thus flow is broken in Android 5 or above because I can no longer kill settings app via root
"Alternative Lockscreen" flow (made by me) combined with "No more app uninstall" flow (also made by me) makes LOCKSCREEN++
No more bypass using force stop option and uninstalling the app by killing app info activity and uninstaller activity
(so now your device is secure even though others removed your pattern lock via ADB, and no one teaches how to uninstall a app via ADB, you are all safe)
Password is 123456
There can be infinite password possibility because there are no limits on password length :)
I think it is broken in Android 5 or above because the settings app is much more complex and prevents itself being killed