Auto bright-proximity sensor![VM]

by Vivek

Version 1 (December 7, 2017)

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No ambient light sensor to automatically increase brightness outdoors?

Here's the solution! You will just need to have proximity sensor.

Now you will not go clueless in bright daylight. This flow just increases the brightness to a preset level(now 80%) when you cover the proximity sensor exactly when you turn on the screen to unlock your phone.

How to use?
Simple steps.

When you are in bright sun and you can't see what's on the screen, first turn off the screen. Now cover the proximity sensor. Then turn on your screen with the power button, keeping the proximity sensor covered (proximity sensor is located to the right or left of the call speaker on your phone). The brightness will increase to the set level and you can see the screen clearly!

Now you will never be blinded in the sun! You can use this even if you have ambient light sensor, if it is draining battery.

Check out Version 1.1 for even better battery savings!

PLEASE NOTE: For best results, you need to cover the proximity sensor before you turn on the screen. The sensor is activated only for a second(not to drain battery), so if you miss covering the sensor and the brightness doesn't increase, turn off the screen and just do it once more. It will work! :) It's just about getting used to!

****Make sure proximity sensor is present in your phone.****

****It works with swipe unlock also****

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