📶 🔋V2.3 Home and anyplace wi-fi...

by Sergio Del Castillo Baranda

Version 6 (November 8, 2016)

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You can pick your locations of work or house or others and if you stay there, WiFi and sync it's turn on, and Bluetooth it's turn off, otherwise, if you go out your WiFi and sync it's turn off, and Bluetooth it's turn on

All of sequences it's stopped for while questions, in case of change, your BATTERY is NOT DRAINED!!

Changelog: (8-Nov)
V2.3: Accuracy improvements
V2.2: if not WiFi connected asks you if want to continue trying to connect or disable WiFi and others...
V2.1: bug fixed - location improvements
V2.0: best control of your places without bugs
V1.9: activate GPS before input your places
V1.1: notifications not persistent

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