😪⏱️ V1.3 SLEEP NOW on time

by Sergio Del Castillo Baranda

Version 5 (November 24, 2016)

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Select how many time you want to stay on your screen, when past the time, ask you if you want more time or rest now.

- Connect 37->30 if using kill all apps (read v1.3)
- Connect 14->44 connect to "kill app now" flow when your screen it's off. (Read v1.1)
- Modify block 28 for begin block what turn off led notification (read v1.2).

V1.3: Add architecture of my flows (connect block 37->30), if you use my ("kill all apps flow") the apps won't be killed until "sleeping flows" will be finished. (The app that you are using couldn't be killed and you can use it normally)

V1.2: Check if the time it's under the 2 o'clock (block 28) and only if it's true turn on led notification.
V1.0: If you want, connect block 14->44 which activate other flow (kill now apps, of my flows) and turn off led of notifications until 7 o'clock

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