Headset/Earbuds Plugged, Unplugged Utilities

by James Klein

Version 1 (January 21, 2017)

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When headset is plugged in:
- Sets media volume to lowest value above mute.
When headset is unplugged:
- Mutes media volume.

This prevents you from accidentally playing something loudly in your earbuds if you were listening to something loudly on speakers earlier, or vise versa.

The sound is silenced when you unplug but not when you plug in because you don't always mean to have volume on if something plays without earbuds, but you are definitely trying to listen to something if you plug in earbuds.

-!- Enable run at startup in settings to activate this flow once and forget about it. -!-

Source note: The volume is set to 7%. There are 15 volume increments, and 1/15 is about 7%. Entering a value less than 6.5% causes Android to round down to 0/15.

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