Proximity Utility Action Examples [KT]

by Ken Tobias

Version 6 (June 9, 2017)

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Try this with Proximity Utility. You can do more than this. Anyways, this is not on my original custom actions, it was just an example.

• While screen off: Glide your finger 4 times while screen off will unlock the phone (proximity unlock); 3 times while screen off will turn on torch; otherwise it will just turn on the phone (proximity wake).
• While screen on: if there's any fb notifications, open them; glide your finger 2 times, locks the phone (proximity lock); else it will just say the counter.

• When broadcast "proximityUtility.done" is receive, it will create a new fiber for actions. The parent fiber returns to broadcast receive block so it will catch up if there will be a new broadcast. The broadcast extras will be store on variable a.
• It will check variable a["screen"] to determine if screen is on or not.
• Therefore when screen off, will handle screen off actions (device unlock, torch, etc...) , and 2nd one otherwise.
• Variable a["counter"] tells how many times did you glide your finger.

Because of this, it covers up other flows found in this market i.e. proximity wake, proximity lock, etc...

Happy Visual Coding! 😊

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