🔐🛂 App Lock Secure [HS]

by Lionfar Teewo

Version 1 (February 19, 2017)

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Protect a app from being used without the password.
This Flow is one of the surest app locker published in the community. In other flows you can easily switch back to the app without entering the correct password.

Select package, set personal password and set a duration the app is unlocked after entered the correct password and left the app in background. A duration of 0 seconds would be safe.

Attention: It is possible to protect the same package multiple times. That means that you have to know all passwords protecting this package.

I don't believe, but if you find a way to hack this flow, report it here.
Please notice, quit the flow or quit automate would also stop the protection, so you should always protect automate and settings with a password!


//side note
The flow was initially published half a year earlier but I removed it due a automate bug that opens the dialog in background when you close a previous dialog by killing the task.

- - - -
Have a look on my other flows. Search for '[HS]'.

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