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Automate is a free app for Android™ that lets you automate away repetitive tasks on your smartphone or tablet with easy-to-understand flowcharts. Make your device automatically manage files on local and remote storage (Google Drive™ and FTP), take photos, record audio and video, send e-mail/Gmail™, SMS, MMS, control phone calls, configure device settings like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, and more, based on your location, time of day and hundreds of other conditions and triggers. Almost every feature on your device can be automated.

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Simple, yet powerful

Create your automated tasks visually as flowcharts, simply add and connect blocks, novices can then configure them with predefined options, while experienced users may use expressions, variables and functions.

Building blocks

Almost every feature on your device can be automated using more than 380 building blocks, including actions, conditions, event triggers, loops and more.

App integration

Easily integrate installed apps supporting the Locale/Tasker plug-in API, or by using every possible system capability to do so, including screen scraping and simulated user inputs. Integrate webapps and online services accessible through HTTP, including webhooks.

Sharing community

Save time by downloading complete automation “flows” that other users already made and shared through the community that’s directly accessible within the app.


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