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The free Android™ application Automate lets you automate various tasks on your smartphone or tablet. Create your automations using flowcharts, make your device automatically change settings like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, or perform actions like sending SMS, e-mail, based on your location, time of day, or any other “event trigger”. You can automate almost everything on your device, Automate even support plug-ins made for Tasker and Locale.

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Logical fun

You edit flowcharts, just add blocks and connect the dots to create your automated tasks.

Simple, yet powerful

Novices can pick from predefined options, while power users may use expressions, variables and functions.


Your automation “flows” are safe and easy to share using the in-app community, also available online.


No advertising. No trial period. All features available to all (if supported). Premium unlocks use of more than 30 blocks.

Building blocks

Automate includes more than 360 blocks to build with, including actions, conditions, event triggers, loops and more:

  • Accessibility button
  • Account (auto) sync
  • ADB client; with “wireless debugging” support
  • Airplane mode
  • Alarm; await, set
  • App; start, kill, list, foreground, clear cache, usage
  • App notifications; toggle, priority, visibility
  • AppOps
  • Assist request (Assistant)
  • Attention light LED
  • Audio; device, record, volume
  • Battery; charging, level, properties
  • Bluetooth; connect, connected, disconnect, scan (including iBeacon, Eddystone and URL beacons), SCO, tethering, toggle
  • Broadcast; decision, send
  • Calendar event; add, query
  • Call; state, dial, incoming, outgoing, screening
  • Camera
  • Car mode
  • Cell tower; near, pick
  • Clipboard; get/set
  • Cloud messaging; receive, send
  • Color; pick
  • Content; changed, copy, delete, insert, update, pick, query
  • Contact; pick, query
  • CyanogenMod profile
  • CPU speed
  • Data usage
  • Device; docked, doze, keep awake, lock, orientation
  • Dialog; choice, color, confirm, date, html/web, input, map, network, time, etc.
  • Display; on, query
  • E-mail; compose, send
  • File; list, copy, move, delete, make directory, monitor, pick
  • Flashlight
  • FTP; delete, download, list, make directory, upload
  • Fullscreen
  • Gesture; device motion, fingerprint
  • Geocoding
  • Gmail™; compose, send, unread count
  • Google Drive™; delete, download, list, share, upload
  • Google Assistant™ voice action
  • Hotword detected
  • HTTP request
  • Image; crop, flip, rescale, rotate, sample color
  • IR transmit
  • Input method (soft keyboard); pick, set
  • Interruptions (Do-Not-Disturb)
  • Key/button; pressed, send
  • Keyboard visible
  • Keychain
  • Location; await, get, pick
  • Location provider (GPS, etc.)
  • Logcat
  • Lock screen (keyguard)
  • Map
  • Media button
  • Media playing
  • Media store
  • Media (Exif/MP3) tags
  • Microphone mute
  • MMS; compose, send
  • Mobile network; preferred (2G/3G/4G/5G), type, operator, service state, signal strength
  • Mobile data; toggle, throughput
  • Network; connected, type, throughput, service discovery (DNS-SD over mDNS)
  • NFC; scan, write tag
  • Night mode
  • Notification; show, hide, cancel, policy, posted
  • Ping
  • Play sound
  • Plug-ins; Tasker, Locale
  • Process (selected) text
  • Power source
  • Quick Settings tile
  • Record audio, video, TTS
  • Ringer mode
  • Ringtone
  • Roaming
  • Screen; brightness, orientation, off timeout
  • Sensor; acceleration, heart rate, hinge, light, magnetic field, pedometer, physical activity, pressure, proximity, significant motion, temperature, user asleep
  • Shell command; ADB, root/superuser
  • Shortcut; install, start
  • SIM; toggle
  • SMS; compose, send, sent, received
  • Speakerphone
  • Speech recognition
  • Split-screen
  • SQLite; modify, query
  • Storage; mounted, low space
  • System language
  • System settings
  • Text-to-speech; play, record
  • Time; await, delay, window
  • Time zone
  • Timer
  • USB tethering
  • USSD request
  • UI automation; back, click, copy, cut, focus, home, long-click, open notifications, paste, power dialog, quick settings, recents, selection, swipe, etc.
  • Vibrate
  • Wake-on-LAN
  • Wallpaper; image, live
  • Weather
  • Wi-Fi; connect, tethering/hotspot, pick, scan, signal strength
  • Wired headset
  • Zip; compress, extract, list


Read the documentation, also found within the app in the Help & feedback menu. See also Privacy Policy.


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