Opsu Beatmap Installer

by Mathew :D

Version 1 (March 21, 2017)

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Once files get downloaded, this will execute a shell script that will move downloaded osz files (beatmaps) to the opsu/Import directory, ready to be imported on the next opsu startup!

To make this work, make sure that the shell script is in opsu's file directory (usually /storage/emulated/0/opsu).
If you have a different directory, modify the flow so it points to the correct directory. Also edit the shell script's paths to point to your download and opsu directory with the two variables.

Get the script here and save it as opsu_beatmaps.sh in opsu's file directory:

Opsu is an unofficial, open source client for the game osu by ppy.
Opsu website:

I do claim any rights for the opsu client or the original osu game. This script/flow is just designed to simplify the installation of osu beatmaps in opsu. I am not responsible for any problems this script and flow could cause.

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