🚀Launch v2.4 - Notification Launcher

by Sodam Yat

Version 5 (April 13, 2017)

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🚀Launch allows you to launch Telegram, Spotify, Inbox by Google, and Microsoft Outlook from a convenient notification.

-Dismiss the notification by selecting it
-Most dialogues and prompts occur in the notification bar
-Work Email is Outlook, Personal Email is Inbox

Version 2.0 - Codename: Perseus
▪Split from 🚀Launch v1 Mercury series, for the purpose of moving dialogue prompts and choices into the notification themselves
â–ªInitial release of the Perseus series

â–ªImproved error checking
â–ªLaunch is now an ongoing event, meaning it can only be dismissed by selecting the notification
â–ªMoved abort confirmation prompt out of notifications for a cleaner transition

â–ªFlow reduction
â–ªStreamlined logic
â–ªIntroduced go-no-go fiber for the purpose of detecting outdated Android versions that are incompatible with the flow

â–ªFixed abort prompt, vibration and notification were sometimes not occurring
â–ªOverhauled bootloader

â–ªImproved interface interactions
â–ªLaunch is now faster
â–ªBlock reduction

â–ªAndroid v4.2 or later
â–ªLatest version of Automate
â–ªMicrosoft Outlook
â–ªInbox by Google