Advanced Media Controls V. 1.0

by Steven White (The Phase Master)

Version 1 (June 29, 2017)

Download (20 downloads)

Currently set up for Google Play Music. Change audio control blocks to the MediaButtonIntentReceiver for your preferred media player if you don't like GPM. Just don't be surprised if you have to go hunting for the thing.

AMC is a list of commands split into four pages. Full media control is available from it, plus access to Google Now, but it can't clear out the notification from the media player. If you can fix it, please tell me how to do so. I would love to get that bug fixed.


AMC is in working order, and is available for use.


1) The notification service is supposedly not running, and as such, Automate cannot clear out Google Play Music's notification. Because of this, I have removed three blocks after the stop control (Second page). These blocks (in order) are:

1) Delay (5 seconds)
2) Check if GPM has a notification up, notification ID of gpmnote. Yes goes to next block, no goes back to delay.
3) Cancel notification with ID of gpmnote. Ok goes to assist request block.

Questions/comments/concerns/bug warnings should be directed to my email address at: