by KuuHaKu

Version 10 (August 22, 2017)

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Automatically backup and recover a folder to/from Google Drive. It's intended to be as complete as possible without becoming premium.

Ver. 0.1---------------------------------------
-Initial launch
-Language: portuguese
-Not premium

Ver. 0.2---------------------------------------
-Fixed minor bugs

Rev. 0.2a------------------------------------
-Found a duplicated notification issue. Looking for a fix

Rev. 0.2b------------------------------------
-English patch: no longer available in portuguese
-Fixed some stability issues

Ver. 0.3--------------------------------------
-Fixed duplicated notification issue (phew!)

Rev. 0.3a-----------------------------------
-Sorry for this again, but:
-Fixed missing notification issue

Rev. 0.3b-----------------------------------
-Fixed some cloud issues
-Removed file selection. Now you can only select folders (all files inside will automatically be uploaded to cloud)

Rev. 0.3c-----------------------------------
-Internal changes

Rev. 0.3d-----------------------------------
-Changed "Instant upload" to "Instant download"

Rev. 0.3e-----------------------------------
-Tied some open knots (canceling the notifications results in missing notifs)

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