🎧 Bluetooth Manager

by Benoît Vidotto

Version 7 (October 15, 2017)

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Manage your Bluetooth audio devices :
When connected :
- Launches your music app
- Puts music volume to max
When disconnected :
- Bluetooth off
- Volume down
- Closes music app and notification

There are 2 categories : the 2nd category, for private listening, does everything listed above and reads your newly received SMS.

These devices are stored one file located in /Automate, as well as the other settings (music app). Easy for backups !

When a unpaired device susceptible to drive audio is connected, the flow asks you if you want to add it to the selected devices. If it doesn't shows up, you can add your device manually through the menus.

If you want it, you can change the name and location of the file in the first two blocks after flow beginning.

If you can't find your music app in the list, redirect the flow to the block #65.

Changelog :
•v.2 :
- press any media button to stop the reading of the SMS (not officially supported by Android)
- added some toast messages
- changed files names for better organization.

•v.3 :
- All settings are now in one file
- Some improvements
- Added "file" as a constant.

•v.4/5 :
- Bugs fix
- Changed app packages in menus by their respectives app names.

•v.6 :
- Changed category's names
- File encoded in JSON.

•v.7 :
- If no modifications have been made, you are not asked whether you want to save or not.
- Changed file names variables
- Launcher variable deleted, it now launches the default one. (Previously : "The flow offers the possibility to encode your launcher app. This option makes the closing of the music app way smoother.")
- Menus are more comprehensives


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