🌃 Lockscreen Wallpaper host đŸ’ģ

by Finch Nelson

Version 2 (August 17, 2017)

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[Premium-project] 🔰
Similar to Wallpaper host, but for lock screen (require Android 7 or rooted device).
Use less feature and does not show notification.
do not delete: <|gen_3|slw_host|wallpaper|111|>

⚠ This flow is not a wallpaper flow, you need to download other premium-project wallpaper flow.
The flow will scan for them automatically and execute, you almost doesn't need to do anything.

⏚ī¸ Added request header, allow download img on some source.
⏚ī¸ Allow using specified flow.
⏚ī¸ Auto use offline flow if internet unavailable for required flows.