.☉ S.A.M. MARK I [simplest] [6blocks] [V: 1.7.2]

by Zdenek Zimmermann

Version 2 (September 16, 2017)

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Brightness manager
- It is the best brightness flow within 6blocks you can find.

S for Simple yet powerfull triger:
- It use change of the foreground application as triger. (also change of foreground app package)

A for Advanced calculation:
- Makes advantage from calculation developed within 2 years in A.R.M.

M for Minimalistic solution:
- Designed to be as small as possible, still provides 100 automatically set levels of brightness, and smooth brightness change.
1 fiber and 6 blocks.

Unmeasurable power consumption.

Need of ambient light sensor.

System settings premission is required.
Accesibility service is required, if not reenabled after crush it can cause secondary crushes.

"App in foreground?" block can be unsupported.

On devices that has number of settable brightness levels lower than 100, appear bug when flow get cycled in BRIGHTNESS? and BRIGHTNESS SET blocks.
Use N.O.S.B.L.O.Y.D. to find out if you can use this flow.

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