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by Gabriel Tobing

Version 5 (November 9, 2017)

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Thank you everyone for helping me to achieve my first 100 downloads flow. I will always try to continue improving my flows and will add more.

THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! ����

Merry Christmas (not yet, but it's soon)

- Gabriel


This flow will run YouTube in the background, acting as YouTube Red but free. Will work with any version of YouTube as it uses a web browser and may also work with some version of the selected web browsers.


If you want zero adds, be sure to install and Ad Blocker plugin on your web browser that is able to skip YouTube ads.

If there are bugs please tell me and I will gladly fix them. Please also rate to help improve the flow.


If Chrome does not work (hasn't been working for me), I suggest using Firefox Nightly which is a lot easier to use, meaning you won't need to complete the steps below.

It is highly recommended that you use Firefox Nightly for best outcome.


How to use:

1) Run flow.

2) Pick a browser (you may have to edit browser launch if you have a different browser, more info on steps for different browsers available on websites below.

3) Choose a video.

4) Request desktop site.

5) You can now close browser.

6) Pull notification tab and press play.

7) Done.

Change log:

Version 5:

- Fixed brightness and sound preset not loading and turning of properly.

Version 4:

- Fixed some code which might of stopped the application after turning to another page (window/app).

- Updated methods.

Version 3:

- Added automatic brightness when turned on. Thus can be preset by user.

- Added automatic volume when turned on. This can be preset by user.

Version 2:


Version 1:

- Created.


Android Authority


Digital Trends


For giving the method.

Thanks for choosing this flow!

Athena is a soon to be released and made voice operated software giving you total command of your operating system by voice, built alongside Google as well to help search for things on the web, lastly Athena also has a social mode with over 100 questions (still being made).

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