Securelock: Advanced

by kyle thevampkid

Version 15 (May 16, 2018)

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I made securelock because all the flows in the community that have security features were to be honest, not well made, lacking, not fault tolerant, or made with mistakes. As a bonus mine seems to be the only flow that's modular and you can easily add your own pieces to it.


Has many features:

-View last image on successful login.
-Save image.
-Email yourself the image with location.
-Remotely lock the device via text or Android wear notification.
-Text to speech messageon failed login
-Locks with device admin on failed login disabling fingerprint until you login.


Check the roadmap for planned features.

I always listen to ideas, if there's a feature you want, comment and I'll look into making it a thing.


Latest Changes
Optimized to make sure certain features worked perfectly and as intended.
Start/stop lock, save picture.

Settings changes can be password protected with encryption and safety measures put in place

Removed text as settings method for security reasons

All bugs have been fixed for the foreseeable future

"Stolen Mode"

Playback audio file or recording on failed login.

Location tracking/check-in

Change lock wallpaper to either image of choice or picture taken

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