Go safe Mobile security🔒(Ring V2) [TM]

by Trenton Michael

Version 6 (April 17, 2018)

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Please tap all when running for the first time.

! Warning !
I AM NOT responseable for failure to find your device if it is lost or stolen. Also I am not liable security exploits this flow may cause.
(it's 99.99% safe)

If your device dose get stolen contact your local non-emergency (every area has one. You can find it online or in a phone book. ) call them and they will help you

If there are any security problems and bugs please let me know, I will fix them.

Features include,
Ring, Full Volume, GPS, Text to Speech, Battery Stats, PIN Security, Remote Lock, Intrider Photo With E-Mail and MMS, and On-Demand Photo. wow

(Anything with " " around it means it's a key word)

Sorry everyone this flow will not get new updates unless there is a major problem, sorry. :(
Change log
*Added pin to ring and GPS
(for security reasons)

*Added battery stats (NO PIN)
*Added text to speech (PIN)
*Added full volume (PIN)

*Added Intrider Photo with E-Mail
*Added Lock stats and remote Lock

*Added MMS Intrider Photo sending

*Added Up-Date fiber
*Changed PIN saveing method to file

V2.4.1* The Emergency update
*Finished all work
*Added "." to the beginning of each feature
*Added vibrate feature to ring and ring with light

*Changed On-Demand Photo from "photo" to ". photo"