Fast Car Navigation 🚘 🌍 v1.5

by Moe Derweise

Version 1 (April 18, 2018)

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-- FREE FLOW (23 blocks) A short flow which automates your navigation when turning on your GPS (alternatively you maybe want to trigger it by NFC or anything else).
Let's you pick one out of three of your most frequented destinations and starts Google Maps navigation to the chosen destination, or just directly links to the app if 'other' is chosen.

You need to enter your coordinates into the input fields that pops up when starting (first time). They will be saved. You can also change the saved coordinates by choosing Setup.
The pick location function isn't really practical in my opinion, so I did it that way, feel free to do it the other way.

You ou are welcome to use the flow for your own flows (maybe just with different content instead of aquarium things) but please refere to me if you share them with the community.

Please rate and comment to share your experiences for flow improvement .

#GPS #NFC #Maps #maps #navigation #car #coordinates

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