☑ Checklists

by Jerry D. Hedden

Version 13 (June 17, 2018)

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Manage one or more checklists. For example, a To Do list, a Groceries list, and a Hardware Store list.

Use an Automate widget to the "Lists" flow for quick use from your home screen.

After creating a list, select it, and then type in items, one per line. Add more later by hitting "OK" with "<Add Items>" selected.

To remove items from a list, check mark them and hit "OK". NOTE: "<Add Items>" is pre-selected, but ignored, if any items are check marked for removal.

By default, the lists are saved to "Download/Automate/checklists.dat". Use the "Change/move Data File" flow, if desired.

REIMPLEMENTED: If updating from a previous version, you'll see a "_AoL_" list and possibly previously removed lists. Just remove all these.

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