☑ Voice Checklist

by Jerry D. Hedden

Version 18 (June 24, 2018)

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A notification-based 'To Do' checklist that uses speech recognition.

Add a widget to your homescreen for the "Voice" flow which adds an item to the checklist, similar to Google Now's "Note to Self". If no voice input is detected, it just starts the "Checklist" flow.

Hint: After voice input, hit "Cancel" if you're done.

The checklist's notification allows you to "Modify" the checklist, "Snooze" it for a time, or "Exit". The checklist persists on exit.

When modifying the checklist, "<Add Items>" lets you add multiple entries, one per line.

To remove items, check mark them, and hit "OK". NOTE: "<Add Items>" is pre-selected, but ignored, if any items are check marked for removal.