Check MD5

by Kenneth So

Version 3 (May 20, 2016)

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Automatically prompts to check your MD5 checksum against your clipboard when a zip, img or apk file is downloaded through your browser

The flow watches for a notification with description "Download completed." and grabs the file name from the title of that description. Then a notification appears, offering you to compare the MD5 of the file downloaded with the clipboard content.

Although the flow is designed with Google Chrome and English (US) locale in mind, you can easily edit the flow to suit your needs.
e.g. if you use Firefox for Android
In block 2, swap positions of the output variables dlmsg and filename.
In block 3, change the text after the equal sign to "Download completed" (without the period)
You can also change block 3 to whatever language you have.
In block 24, change the regex for types of files you want to check MD5 with.
This flow also assumes the file will be saved to the "Download" folder on your device. Change the working directory of block 17 if your download folder is at another location.

This flow is inspired by

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