🗼🌐[ND]Cell tower localization

by Arek Pałka

Version 27 (June 7, 2018)

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This flow locates the phone on transmitters. You can configure unlimited amount of regions (to name them, and assign transmitters)
In block 96 you can change refresh frequency

In blocks 74 and 103 you can set with what precision the transmitters are saved and read
Root not needed ;)

Ver. 22
+now flow saves only new cell tower not all(reduces size file)
+now all files are saved to "automate" folder
+fixed show location in notification
Ver. 24
+now the region is determined by signal strength(EXPERIMENTAL(doesn't work very well :/) )
Ver. 25
+now the region is determined by name and signals strength from 3 cells(more precision)
>>Ver. 27<<<
+repair bugs
+rebuild teach system
+rebuild save system
-you need to delete created region and teach region again

Known issues:
- when there are less than 3 cell tower the program does not recognize regions

*This solution may not work with all phones

>>>>Made by Arek Pałka<<<<

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