• Intelli Wi-Fi [PREMIUM]

by Crimson Smear

Version 13 (March 22, 2017)

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• Wi-Fi Manager *UPDATED*
• Location Manager *NEW*
• Signal Manager
• SmartSync
• Flow Toggle *REMOVED*
• Update Checker

Wi-Fi Manager
Location-learning / location-aware wi-fi enabler and disconnected 5-minute auto disable.
*Begin learning process by connecting to any wi-fi access point*

Location Manager
Allows removal of unused location(s), selected by Access Point SSID, without losing towers associated with neighboring learned areas.
*Remove location(s), while running, via parallel launch (additional flow start)*

Signal Manager
Scans and connects to a stronger (known) network if signal drops below 30% strength.

Enables automatic sync upon connection or requests sync hourly when disconnected.

Update Checker
Automated check for newer version of flow.
Notification allows to view (with following decision to import/run) or postpone (with increasing delay for subsequent selection).

* All updates are backward compatible with prior versions of this flow and eliminate unnecessary config files. Previous stored areas will be saved to a hidden section, allowing them to be safely migrated to managed access points as they are learned. *

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