• Intelli Phone [PREMIUM]

by Crimson Smear

Version 15 (December 5, 2016)

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• Call Reject Manager *UPDATED*
• After-Call Notification
• Mic Manager *UPDATED*
• Auto Speakerphone
• Flow Toggle
• Update Checker

Call Reject Manager
Will reject any calls from contact name(s)/phone number(s) in list, if populated.
Pre-populated with "Wrong Number" contact name upon first run.
5-minute auto cancel Configure Notification.

After-Call Notification
45-second notification that allows the addition of recent contact name/phone number to Call Reject list.

Mic Manager
Call-priority / App-specific microphone enabler.
Sets mute on start then activates microphone during call or when a defined app is in foreground.
5-minute auto cancel Configure Notification.

Auto Speakerphone
Disables speaker on start then enables speakerphone during call, when away from face.
Checks Do Not Disturb & Ringer Mode, also for connected Handsfree Bluetooth or Wired Headset.

Flow Toggle
Allows for easy ON/OFF control from a single homescreen shortcut widget.
Correctly actives the mic (default) prior to stopping the flow.

Update Checker
Automated check for newer version of flow.
Notification allows to view (with following decision to import/run) or postpone (with increasing delay for subsequent selection).

*Description is copied to the clipboard upon import/run for pasting into the updated flow*

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