Alarm on speaker with headphones plugged in

by Ted Grassman

Version 1 (November 3, 2016)

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This flow allows morning alarms to be played on speaker when headphones are plugged in.
This is done with the app SoundAbout, which allows rerouting audio flows.

At 6:30 AM (check wake time and time zone!):
1. Starts SoundAbout if headphones are plugged, so that media audio is rerouted to speaker
2. Kills SoundAbout (and its services) when headphones get unplugged, so that audio routing gets back to normal

- Phone must be ROOTED (to be able to kill background apps and services)
- Install the SoundAbout app
- DO NOT grant notification access to the SA Notification Listener service, as it prevents the app and its services to be properly killed
- IMPORTANT: Under "Media audio", check "Speaker"