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Notification action

A decision block that present action buttons in a status bar notification and wait until the user clicks any of them.

The fiber will pause until the user clicked an action button, dismissed the notification or the timeout expired.

Use the Notification show block with proceed Immediately prior to this block.

When an action button has been clicked, the Action index variable is assign with its index, all buttons are removed while leaving the notification visible as the block proceed through the YES path. The NO path is executed if the notification was dismissed or hidden prior to or during the block, or the timeout expired.

Note! This feature require an Android 4.1+ device.

Input arguments

  • Primary action label — label of the primary (first) action.
  • Primary action icon — icon for the primary (first) action. (Android 6+)
  • Secondary action label — label of the secondary (second) action.
  • Secondary action icon — icon for the secondary (second) action. (Android 6+)
  • Tertiary action label — label of the tertiary (third) action.
  • Tertiary action icon — icon for the tertiary (third) action. (Android 6+)
  • Timeout — time until the block automatically proceed through the NO path, default is no timeout.

Output variables

  • Action index — variable to assign the index (0, 1 or 2) of the clicked action button.
Note! This documentation can also be found in the Help & feedback menu of the app.