Tile "Night Profile"

by Samuel Armillam

Version 1 (February 5, 2017)

Download (150 downloads)

Make ringer go into silent mode, set media volume to 0 and set 1% of brightness, when clicked to turn on. When clicked to turn of sets ringer 100 volume, media 100 volume and auto brightness.

Fixed crashing system ui with many count of turning on/of this tile (this may be problem of Ringer set mode Silent block, without this all works great)

Android 6+. To understand, how you can add to quick settings panel custom tiles, please use web search.

To add this tile to your Quick Settings panel, add Automate "Unknown" tile from additional. Now open this program and turn it on. To be sure that tile will not wipe after reboot, set in Automate settings Ron on boot.

Other Information:
Tested on AOSP Android 7.1.1 ROM (Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro, NitrogenOS firmware)