🚘 Commute Home 🏠

by Chris Sutch

Version 1 (September 12, 2015)

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Sometimes you don't need fancy flows that don't work or fail to sensor trigger to get what you need. This simple flow enables the Bluetooth state on your phone /turning it on when you leave your place of work until you reach your home destination. When you get home the flow then turns the Bluetooth state to off. You will need to alter times in the flow triggers to suit your personal commuting times/needs (the time triggers you will need to personalize are in the second and third box in the flow)

I appreciate this flow might not be for everyone but if you are a travel to work and travel home at the same time every single day type person this flow might be all you need. you could couple this flow with a auto enable Bluetooth flow that activates only at weekend days so all your Bluetooth needs are met.

Search "commute to work" in the travel category for my other flow to pair with this for the journey to work.

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