Profile automation

by Péter Erős

Version 1 (February 13, 2017)

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Profile automation
The automation is based on TimeInterval and Location (by WiFi SSID info or by cell towers info).
It supports automatic and manual mode.
Plus SMS override and SMS location query.

Built in profiles
There are four profiles:
1. Normal
ringer mode: normal
don't interrupt: off
ring,notification,system vol 50
media vol 20

2. Silent
ringer mode: silent
don't interrupt: off
ring,notification,system,media vol 0

3. Loud
ringer mode: normal
don't interrupt: off
ring vol 100
notification,system vol 50
media vol 40

4. Night (Set by TimeInterval subrutin)
ringer mode: normal
don't interrupt: on
ring,notification,system vol 10
media vol 0

In automatic mode from 20:00 to 7:30 the system activates the Night profile. From 7:30 to 20:00 the system activates the Loud profile if the Location is not Home or Work. If the Location is Home or Work than the profile Normal is activated.
If You change the mode manually, then the system enters into Manual mode, which overrides every profile change until You dismiss it. Then it is reverted back into Automatic mode.

You can send an SMS
- "automate: loud" to remotly activate profile Loud (Manual mode).
- "automate: location" to get the phone's location.

To start You have to run Main (Normal)
With Main (Learning Locations) You can run the learning program which learns locations and stores it's correspoinding cell tower info into a file.

If You wanna adjust profiles:
-Normal: Starting from block 41
-Silent: Starting from block 51
-Loud: Starting from block 52
-Night: Starting from block 303

Location mode WiFi SSID vs cell towers info:
In block 191 set LabelValue to Location (cell tower info) or LocationWiFi (WiFi SSID info). I prefere LocationWiFi (default).

To change the built in time interval settings You have to adjust blocks 148, 281, 282.

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