Screen WiFi V2

by Wiloxe

Version 1 (September 23, 2017)

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Update: Will clean this flow up in the future and i guess i dont have to finish the long variant. Since preview is now an option.

Short variant:
So this flow makes it so whenever you lock you phone (Turn of display) it disables Wi-Fi and re-enables it when you turn it on. If you are not connected to any Wi-Fi in set period of time it will be disabled and waiting for your input to either keep it running or stop it. This is good when you're out of home so you dont have to waste battery. However while charging Wi-Fi will be left on untill you unplug the charger and lock your phone. Wi-Fi is set to always be off if Airplane mode is on.

Long Variant:

First info: I had to use many "Wait till changed" of the same Flow blocks to stop log spam and endless lag loops.

- Loop Start:
Start of the loop

- Airplane mode:
From the start of the flow it will check if you have Airplane mode on or not. This will also be the loop start point. If you have Airplane mode on then that will be passed over to same type flow block except waiting for you to turn it off then it will resume normally

- Charger cable:
After the Airplane flow you will get to Charger flow. It's just like the Airplane except it will check if a charger cable is plugged in or not. If the cable is plugged it it will enable Wi-Fi then pass it over to same flow block except waiting for you to unplug. Once unplugged it will continue the flow to the next one.

- Core (Display check):
Afther the flow reaches this point it will wait for you to turn on or off your display. If the display is registered off then it will check if Wi-Fi is on or off. If it's off then it will sent the flow to Loop Start. If it's on then it will be toggeld off and then sent to Loop Start. However if the screen is on then it will
(App crashed and lost tons that i wrote down here and i dont feel like writting it down again right now...)