Wifi pulse

by Raj'Ai M'Ai'Al

Version 2 (February 15, 2017)

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Tired of having only 3 wifi sleep policies (always on, always on when charging, and on only when screen is on)? Tired of having to choose between battery life and consistent notifications?

I was there, too, so i made this flow which turns wifi on when your screen is on, and pulses wifi on for 30 seconds every few minutes to let notifications come through.

I feel your wifi sleep policy should be set to ALWAYS ON, otherwise android will just cut off wifi in the background. I couldnt get it to work otherwise.

This is also nice because it prevents you from having to turn off wifi to preserve battery - yet also saves potential data overage charges if you pull up something without remembering to turn on wifi. That being said, i dont have minutes, and use this device solely on Wi-Fi

New addition: it now checks if i am driving, and halts the whole thing until im still for a little bit, saving more battery power.

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