Basculer l'écran (screen rotation, nougat tile)

by Marius Șucan

Version 2 (February 26, 2017)

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To use this flow, you must set an automate quick settings tile. Only for Android 7+ (nougat) .

The tile is a toggle between portrait and landscape screen orientation.

If the device is charging, you'll be prompted to flip the orientation through a notification message. The notification is set to expire in 10 seconds.

It has two modes of operation.

1. System mode is based on Android built-in screen orientation setting. In this mode, other apps can change the screen orientation. The defined orientation is persistent. It will remain set even if this flow is deactivated.

2. Automate based screen orientation forced mode. This mode uses Automate to set the screen orientation. It is enforced for all other apps.

If flow is disabled, the screen orientation is going to revert to its original state.

In any of these two modes, the device orientation sensor is ignored.

This flow is built having in mind people with physical disabilities.

Update on 26th of February 2017. Now, when the device is charging, the notification will give an option to flip the previous screen orientation, not just the current one. This feature is meant to increase usability.

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