Learn That Periodic Table

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Version 1 (February 19, 2017)

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So, why should you download this flow?
Well, you should if you:
1.Want to learn the name and symbols of the first 92 elements.
2.Want an example of how to load various data into one array through a loop.
How does it work?
Well, every time you unlock your phone, a question is asked and you need to input the correct word or symbol corresponding to the given word/symbol, starting with a capital letter (just in case you were wondering).
Answers to other questions you may be asking:
1.Will it work on my phone?
A: I dunno, works on mine, see for yourself.
2.Will it be the creator's fault if this flow causes any damage?
A:No.Even if you somehow die.Not my problem.Use at own risk.
3.Will there be regular updates?
4.Why the first 92?
A:That's the required elements for my first year course.
5.Can I expect any level of sympathy, quality or professionalism?
6.May I ask for fixes?
A:You may, but I won't fix errors, do them yourself.
7.Is the flow constructed in the most efficient way?
A:I'm very sceptical.
Have fun.

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