Cloud remote - manager 0.2 [MZ]

by Cathline Wheeler

Version 1 (February 21, 2017)

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Easiest way to securely manage your devices even trough different network!

This flow will let you preform different actions on your other device while you're away with only your phone. It also supports passwords, so nobody else can connect to your client

Download client server:

+ Alpha flow release

* Bugfixes

Commands explained:

Battery level
Reports client's current battery level and if it's charging.


Works as DPAD (!WARNING! Not all devices support DPAD and some of them require screen to be on for it to work.)


File explorer
Allows you to explore client's internal storage and download files from it.

[85% BUG FREE]

Kill client server
Kills client server. You can rewake it using reboot request (if reboot service is running).


Reauthorizes access. Use if any action returns 'PI' (will require proper password entered during first authorization).

[98% BUG FREE]

Send file
Sends any picked file to client without user confirmation.


Set volume
Sets client's volume to picked value.


Show photo
Shows photo made with front or back camera. After showing picture, flow goes to background mode.


Show screenshot
Shows client's current screen. After showing screenshot, flow goes to background mode. (!WARNING! Most of devices cannot take screenshot when screen is turned off - even if keyguard (screen lock) is disabled. This command will set brightness to lowest, turn screen on, take screenshot and return everything to original state (only if screen was off when request was made)).

[99% BUG FREE]

Superuser shell
Runs a custom shell command with superuser privileges and should output


Text to speech
Makes client speak custom text using Google TTS. You can customize voice on client server's flowchart


Run in background
Closes dialogue window without canceling session, you can reopen window via notification.


Reboot service
Reboot service is used when you want to restart client server (like it you mess something up on client server and you want to restart it). It has it's own password which is set everyone you launch it. It can also be used to kick somebody out when he's connected to client. You can run reboot service with running ONLY "Start with reboot service" fiber on client.


All ideas are welcome - if you want any feature to be added, feel free to comment it and i'll implement it (if it's possible)!

! NOTE ยก
You must be connected to email adress in order to control it!

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