Screen orientation manager. (nougat tile)

by Marius Șucan

Version 5 (May 3, 2017)

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To use this flow, you must set an automate quick settings tile. Only for Android 7+ (nougat).

Once you tap the tile you'll be prompted with its main dialog to choose screen orientation.

The first time you start the flow you'll need to choose from two modes of function.

1. System/mixed mode is based on Android built-in screen orientation setting. In this mode, other apps can change the screen orientation. The defined orientation is persistent. It will remain set even if this flow is deactivated.

If the current app prevents the orientation change, you'll be prompted if you wish to have it forced.

To force a specific orientation, select it again. To deactivate the forced orientation, choose another one, or choose the same one again.

2. Automate based screen orientation forced mode. This mode uses Automate to set the screen orientation. It enforces the orientation for most (if not all) apps.

In this mode of operation, once the flow is disabled, the screen orientation is going to revert to its original state.

In any of these two modes, the device orientation sensor is ignored. However, you have an option to enable sensor based orientation in the dialog box that appears on tapping the tile.

This flow is built having in mind people with physical disabilities.

Update on 28th of February 2017. Minor bug fixes.

Known issues. Automate cannot identify when the screen orientation is flipped (reversed) . Therefore, when you change from portrait or landscape orientation to its reversed state, the flow won't identify whether the screen orientation has changed or not.

Update on 2nd of March 2017. Minor improvements. Added dialogs in mixed/systemmode that prompt you when choosing again the same option, whether you want to activate or deactivate forced orientation.

Updated on 3rd of March 2017. Renamed system mode to mixed mode to reflect the possibility to force each orientation mode by choosing it again. Added option to enable sensor mode and consequently, the possibility to force sensor based orientation as well.

Update on the 3rd of May 2017. Fixed some glitches in forced mode only.

It now works when the device is locked too. When it's in mixed mode, when you tap the tile, it toggles the forced orientation mode. When it's in forced mode only, it toggles sensor mode.