🎵 Music sleep timer [MS]

by Mattijs Snepvangers

Version 2 (March 7, 2017)

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This is still very much an alpha version, bugreports and suggestions are appreciated very much!!!

-Persistent settings
-app select dialog for optional audio sources
-1st run dialog
- run/setup dialog

Version 0.7 20170307
Some tweaks done
Some bugs removed
Added dummy flow containing comments
Now only kills app which was chosen at startup
> known bugs:
- doesn't shut down properly when notification is tapped
- notification text is "NaN"

Version 0.6
-Asks for timeout (default 90mins)
-select audio app (with default option on timeout)
-When timeout reaches 0, audio fades out, apps are killed
-if notification is tapped, sound is set to 0 and apps are killed

Based on flow by Maik Lindner (sorry forgot original flow name)