Notification Parking [no root,premium required]

by Gaetano Billitteri

Version 4 (October 25, 2017)

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Create a persistent notification with date,time,location and update it when and where you want by launch again the flow or through menĂ¹ function by click on the notific,it remember only last update.

What's new:
In the menĂ¹ function can select: show saved position,add parking time,calculate fresh parking position and copy link position in the clipboard usefull when paste it in your favorite messaging app.

No root. Premium required.
Require location gps.

BLOCK 47. choise here a sound and you can ear it every time a fresh position is saved.
Date format dd/MM/yy change at block 14
Time format HH:mm (24H) change at block 15