by Tamás Tóth

Version 1 (March 7, 2017)

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Start: Enables airplane mode.
1. When device is unlocked: ask for a password. If the password is "test123. wifi" it will disable airplane mode, disable mobile data and enable wifi.
2.A notification will show up: Turn off wifi. If you click this, a dialog will appear and it asks you to choose: turn off wifi or switch to mobile data.
3. Turn Off= turn off wifi
Switch to mobile data= disable wifi, enable mobile data.
4. If you press either a "Turn on" notification will show up. There you can enable wifi or mobile data. This goes forever.
5. You can enter the password: "test123. data" The same goes for this too.
6. If you enter the password: test123 it will disable airplane mode and write to a text file: Successfully logged in.
And a toast will appear too with this text.
7. If you enter it incorrectly the device will lock and it will write the password that you entered to a text file.
8. If you cancel the password dialog the device will lock and write a text: Cancelled dialog.
9. You can easily change the password by changing the "set variable" block's value.
10. You have to change to change the mobile data's subscription id, wifi network, create a text file and change the path to it.