⏯️ wifi on/off by{♂️Z}

by Libero Balsamo

Version 3 (April 19, 2017)

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Based on location 📡.
This flow switch on/off your WiFi according to your location.

Location is taken after checking the range of GSM cells recorded and only if you are in a known range (very low power consumption).

All locations and cells reads during active WiFi connections will be stored automatically in ".automateOZ/.wifiSettings" file and will be used for next WiFi switch on/off.

The flow has a self-learning mode that records coordinates and GSM cells for each wifi network that you connect. No need to manually record the locations and cells and even WiFi networks.

The real trigger is display turning on.

🆕 Now you have a dual launch mode that allow you to run also a management page where to find all registered networks with details and also you can quickly delete single registered network

Made by liberacci{♂️Z}

Update (Apr 18 2017)
Added a management page to list registered networks with details and Delete action.

Fix (Mar 24 2017) - File .wifiSettings update fix

NEW OPTIMIZED VERSION (Mar 23 2017) - If you've downloaded the old version, you can delete the entire directory ".automateMyDir".

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