WiFi? disable screenlock

by Min-ho Kim

Version 3 (November 8, 2014)

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disable screen lock in specify wifi zone automatically.

* november8. insert [reenable lock] before [disable lock] for refresh disable. feedback about this plz.

* october25. try [disable lock] every refresh.

how to use-----
a. Set your lockscreen in your device settings.
b. must be switch of lock is ON in device settings.
c. Launch this Flow in place of you wanna disable lockscreen.
d. Select your AP on dialogbox for free from lockscreen.
e. Enter refresh time on next dialogbox.
f. all done.

details -----
This is no need WiFi ON. just select your Access Point then macro will checking MAC Address of nearby APs. and try disable or enable lockscreen without WiFi connection.

When re-enable lockscreen will activate device lock immediately.

feedback : mooha@msn.com

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