Find my Flow ID extended [NON-P]

by Matthias Grotjohann

Version 5 (April 4, 2017)

Download (130 downloads)

Still find you're flow's ID in only 13 blocks as you know to from versions before

(no result limitations)
(usability as function)
New feature:
(function is now able to find flows by userid, too)

You don't know how to find out userid's? You can try my 'Find your USERID' flow[]

- now the Payload needs to get a dictionary with key "userid" or "flowname" depending on what search action you like to perform

-example included-

Feel free to tell me what I can do better.

@Marko Zajc
You're right... I USED your idea which is a good idea. But I wrote it completely by my own. So I think it's normal to do it your own way. And sorry, but for me your way is horrible. I will also will raise my rating of your flow because I'm sorry about my doing before and you're flow does exactly what it says. But mine too ;)... So what I would say is sorry. Let's put the stress away?