📡ALL signal information

by Sebastian Norr

Version 1 (February 28, 2018)

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(30 blocks)
Shows all available information about:
Cell towers, WiFi & Bluetooth (2x, both High & Low energy scan)

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Optimized for speed:
* Multi threaded
* Parallel scans
* Sorted on execution speed
* Preserves initial device state
* Prepared debugging space

The main thread will wait for the variables in the order that they usually finish scanning.

This flow will also preserve the initial state of both WiFi and Bluetooth when the program finishes, eg: if WiFi is on & Bluetooth is off when you start the flow, then the Bluetooth will turn off but not WiFi when the flow is done.

The 1 gap between scan & give variables are a prepared space for debugging, unfortunately I can't include any debugging blocks because of the block limit.

Unlikely problems & solutions:
* Stuck on: Enable Bluetooth:
* Cause: Bluetooth becomes enabled so fast that the flow don't reaches the next block in time.
* Solution: Switch the block to continue immediately & Move the red line back into the top of itself.
~ This will generate (much) larger log files (if logging is enabled) but it works.

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Change log:
*Initial creation

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