Roof Pitch Finder

by Evan Manttari

Version 1 (April 7, 2017)

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Provides the roof pitch of any existing roof.

Step 1. Open App and wait for further instructions.
Step 2. Place phone on roof.
Step 3. After the "beep," collect your phone. Results are displayed as a notification.

For a more accurate reading, attach phone to a length of wood that spans across 3 roofing tiles and take multiple readings in different locations.

THE PHONE MUST BE PLACED SO THAT THE TOP OF THE PHONE (headphone jack end) points to the top of the roof or down towards the guttering- NOT HORIZONTALLY!!!

The app is designed to allow users ample time to place phone on the roof. Using a built-in accelerometer, a reading can only be taken once the device has stopped moving/shaking/vibrating. The human hand has the slightest shake naturally so the reading can not be taken while holding the device- only after it is put on a still surface.

The app automatically turns ALL VOLUME LEVELS of device up to 100%.

App can also be utilized as a "Driveway Gradient Finder" or a "Picture Frame Straightener"
Anything that needs a slope defined.

Any questions or comments, contact

Works on Samsung 5s or higher, as well as any android phone with built-in giroscope.