Bluetooth & LockScreen Automator

by Henrique Ormond

Version 8 (April 19, 2017)

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Only turn on BT when you leave Home to connect with your car and also unlocks your phone while you are at home!

Change your WiFi network name to your Home WiFi and the work network name to your Work WiFi and now your BT will be active in between your trip (connect BT with your car)
When you arrive at your workplace, BT is turned off

*** Attention ***
If you want the LockScreen feature you need root access.
If you only want the Bluetooth feature, click NO on the startup dialog

*** Change Log ***
Added initial configuration.
If you want to reduce the blocks, just reconnect the "flow beginning" to WiFi check and be sure to change the comparison of the WiFi names for Home and Work networks, as well as Have_root variable (LockScreen feature).

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