C_III's SMS Control Commands v6.1

by C III

Version 10 (August 18, 2018)

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This Flow lets you control your device from another phone via sms. You can set a password. It may require root for some commands.
NOTE: Disabling logging is recommended as it will get spammed and Commands requested are logged anyway (V6 and up).
Here are all commands:


/location=true/false: Toggles gps (root)

/wifi=true/false: Toggles wifi

/mdata=true/false: Toggles mobile data (root)

/ringer=loud/vibrate/silent: Toggles ringer mode.

/reboot: reboots device (root)

/status: shows a some status information like battery level

/nfc=true/false: Toggles NFC (root)

/batterysave=true/false: Toggles powersave mode (root)

/speak: type a text to read using tts

/location=get send device location to you

/vibrate=go/end: when set to go vibrates every 3 seconds.

/resetpass: change the password if still remembered

/forgotpass: change password when forgotten, will require entering a code sent to email specified during setup or in manager.

/scream=go/end: Starts playing a sound over and over again, does require Normal Ringer mode to be active (/ringer=loud)

/cam=front/back: Takes a picture. Then lets you choose between MMS and Email to receive it.

/emergencyrestart: allows you to the main flow via a separate one.

/help: shows this help thingy...

It also features an extra flow, which allows you to change the password, and Gmail for restoration from the device itself,
and another one for restarting the main one remotely if it crashes.

This flow requires Premium, as it is over 200 blocks.

Made by FamooseAIY

•Fixed a bug, that would cause /forgotpass to stop working after using it or /resetpass once, because of Email and GAccount being cleared.
•Added Whitelist feature.
•Fixed a bug that would cause the flow to stop entirely when receiving a command from a number not whitelisted.
•Added Blacklist
•Minor bug fixes
•Translation corrections.
•Added /scream
•Fixed blacklist not working.
•Added /cam
•Fixed /speak using German Language
•Made /speak always say "Alert!" before the message
•Menu tweaks
•Added /speak Settings (say "alert" / play sound)
•Added /emergencyrestart (separate flow that can restart the main flow of it crashes.)
•/speak now requires a password.
•/vibrate=end does not require a password anymore.
•All commands requested, the requesting phone number, and if the password was entered correctly will now be added to the log.
•Changed /status "Screen On" block to immediately
•Replaced all instances of "Famoose" (or at least most of them) with "C_III"

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