🚀Launch v3.4 - Notification Quick Launcher

by Sodam Yat

Version 6 (May 12, 2017)

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🚀Launch v3 gives you the ability to launch up to 8 applications from a convenient on-going notification!

Andromeda (v3) is a large flow sourced from the Mercury (v1) and the Perseus (v2) series of 🚀Launch. For reduced blocks, please consider running them instead.

-Dismiss the notification by selecting it
-Most dialogues and prompts occur in the notification bar
-Random messages within the notification, because if it's going to be persistent, it should also be geeky fun
-Once flow is confirmed working, it is highly recommended you disable logging for this flow

Version 3.0 - Codename: Andromeda
▪Split from 🚀Launch v2 Perseus series for the purpose of maximizing applications launched from the notification.
â–ªInitial launch of the Andromeda series
â–ªCalling and texting available through the phone prompt.
â–ªAdded Shazam, Shazam Encore, and YouTube.
â–ªIntroduced random element for notification

â–ªImproved randomization
â–ªConfigurations will be remembered after first run
â–ªOverhaul of notifications

â–ªError checking
â–ªAbility to rerun preflight sequence
▪Removed configuration prompts on flow start. 🚀Launch will now check your applications on its own.
â–ªMore randomization

â–ªRevamped boot loader
â–ªAdded crash submission
â–ªMinor bugfixes

â–ªMinor bug fixes
â–ªTypo fixes
â–ªBootloader tweak

â–ªAndroid v4.2 or later
â–ªLatest version of Automate
â–ªShazam (Encore or normal)
â–ªSignal (optional, but supported)
â–ªMicrosoft Outlook
â–ªInbox by Google

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