(old) Xena-The Voice Assistant

by Nobin Jacob

Version 3 (July 7, 2017)

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New update arrived...
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A simple voice assistant,which does jobs like opening up apps,tells you current time and can even lock your device....
And it works without any network connection...
The functionality of xena is limited as it is made considering the non-premium and unrooted
Device users.

Some Commands:-
1) Say,"list all my apps" / "show me my apps".
It will show the list of all the installed apps. Select anyone of them to open.

2)say,"tell me the time"
It will tell you the current time.

3)say, "lock my device"
It will lock your device.

4)say,"wait"/"hold on"
It will wait for 20 seconds and will start again.

5)To exit the voice assistant just say "exit","quit" or "Bye"
And you can see the match blocks in the flowchart for more commands.

What's new:-
*Ver2.0(May 15,2017):-
In this update,xena has got a bulk of upgrades and changes.

Note:By default,the speech recognition language is set to English (India),if you are facing any problem with speech recognition,try changing the language to your native language.

So,that's all....hope you like it....and PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO RATE , COMMENT AND SUPPORT for more updates...
Thank you,
Nobin Jacob

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